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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Extreme Couponing?

Let me start by apologizing for my absence. It has not been my intention to ignore my blog or its followers, but money has been tight these past few months, and my beer budget has dwindled. Hopefully, I'll be posting more beer reviews in the very near future. For now, I'd like to address one of the ways I've been trying to save money.

I was raised to be thrifty. At a young age, I learned to look for sales and clip coupons. Coupons are not new but they're gaining popularity with shows like TLC's new "Extreme Couponing." Like many viewers, I am fascinated by these coupon addicts. However, I see a very fine line between thriftiness and unhealthy obsession. Almost all of the "extreme couponers" have ridiculous stockpiles of goods as if they're preparing for the end of days. One of the ladies featured on the show was even seen dumpster diving for newspapers, while another used her children to solicit coupons from neighbors. Yikes! Wouldn't it be healthier for these people to be productive members of society, spending 40 hours a week at work instead of clipping coupons? 

Coupon away my friends but please don't let it take over your lives and don't expect to walk away from the store with a cart full of free groceries! 

Here are some helpful links:

Sign up for product newsletters on the websites of your favorite brands and follow on Facebook for exclusive coupons and offers. 

Know your store's coupon policy. For example, Target's coupon policy can be found here

This week, save on select MorningStar Farms products already on sale at Target. Combine this printable coupon from the manufacturer with the coupon available on Target's website for a total of $2.00 off the sale price. 

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