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Friday, October 8, 2010

Web Tool Faves

CraftCult tracks your item views, item hearts, shop hearts and even determines if you've been featured on the Etsy or Storque main page. I particularly like the "Reset Views" feature, which stores the current view count for your items so that when you reload the page, the differences appear in the "New Views" section. 

The "Heart Chart" tab calculates your total shop hearts per month over a specified period of time and shows them to you in the form of a line chart.

Craftopolis is another useful statistics tool. On the left, it displays the current month's calendar. The purple silhouettes represent unique visitors, the white pages represent the total shop visits, and the hearts represent individual favorites. On the right is a more detailed report of the current calendar day.

Click on the "Tag Report" tab to see how effective your tags are and on what page your item is found in a search for specific tags. The "Treasure Tracks" tab shows you all of the treasuries in which your items have been included and how many times they've been viewed in each respective treasury. 

At a glance, Yaami's Where's the Luv? shows you who has added your shop as a favorite, where they are from, whether or not they have a shop of their own, and their feedback rating.

These next four tools aren't just for Etsy sellers. If you tweet, participate in online forums, have a blog, or run a business: listen up!

Want to know who has been talking about you or your product(s)? Type your name, Etsy username or the name of your business into Social Mention to see where you have been mentioned in blogs, social networks etc. I definitely recommend signing up for their daily email alerts.

Do you have trouble coming up with appropriate tags for your products and posts? With Tagtastic's Tag Finder, you simply enter a tag and receive a list of related tags, along with their average daily clicks, average price, and number of items posted with those tags. Better still is the Shop Stats feature. Enter your shop name and your tags will be analyzed, helping you determine which of your current tags are most effective. Like Google Trends, but better, these two tools will help you determine the relevance of your products in today's market.

If you use Twitter for personal or business reasons, you will love TinyURL! Enter a web address of any length, and receive a significantly shorter link that never expires. 
For example,
The link was transformed from 74 to 26 characters, which is clearly more convenient when limited to 140 characters.  

Let's say you want to include the entire image of a website on your blog or want to share the full image of an Etsy treasury. Thumbalizr is your answer. You choose the quality and size of the file in either .jpg or .png format.  

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