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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thought Process: Photoshoots

Model: Chasity Gray
© Sharon Whelton
          Build the photo shoot around a muse or find a model to express an idea? In the case of the series of lovely ladies with lollipops, as mentioned in my last post, I will be hunting models to accommodate my artistic vision. Sometimes, a location or person becomes my muse.
          About this time last year, I found myself inspired by space 301, a local gallery where I enjoy volunteering my time. The building was converted from the Mobile Press Register and offers a nice variety of settings, from the library to the tile room, a grungy warehouse where the local newspaper was printed. The tile room, in particular, called my name. I wanted to contrast its dirtiness with sex appeal.
           On Tuesday, I'll begin shooting a series in which the inspiration is drawn from a human muse. Jean's art, style and personality are all her own. For me, she embodies the clichè "out of the box." The series will be entitled just that, "Out of the Box." I plan to photograph Jean trapped inside a box, dressed in boring, ordinary clothing and then again outside of the box in her usual eccentric fashion. I want two Jeans to every photograph; so, some major Photoshop work will be in order. And, of course, I'll be sharing the results with you.

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